Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love

I am in Ouch Mode today. I have good arthritis in my spine... and with it being sunny weather the last few days, I am feeling the cold, Arctic blast in my back today. (Although, it may be because I dragged the vacuum cleaner around yesterday.)

So... today, I am moving at a snails pace... and my sweet husband is having to do things he normally does not have to do... like the laundry, or making lunch. I have to keep this short and simple, if I sit here too long, the spasming starts. (And that is not pretty.)

So, I hope you enjoy your Sunday... and that you have someone to care for you and let you know that they love you.

Sweet Sunday Love...

Thanks for reading... be blessed.


So blessed! said...

Hope you are up and around and back to normal soon! Good to know you have a sweetie like I do to help you out when you are down and out!

Pearl said...

oh dear i hope you're back to your feel-good self soon again! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Snails pace is always good! :)