Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not My Friend

I have discovered along my journey, that certain things are no longer my friend... since I no longer have my thyroid and had nuclear ablation to cook any remaining cells. (You go on a iodine starvation diet... and it does all kinds of strange things to your body. Iodine is very important to your system and is stored in your thyroid and allows you to have a voice, for one, and to keep you from being constipated for another!)

Nuclear ablation is simply heavily irradiated iodine, that goes directly to any remaining thyroid cells and kills them. Iodine comes from sea salt... so I can no longer tolerate having shell fish. I love going to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp... those days are gone!

I have recently filled some of the candy dishes with Valentine's candy. DH has a sweet tooth and loves it when I have little dishes of candy in strategic spots through out the house.
I have been a candy corn lover for years and bought some yummy "cupid corn" while I was out shopping this week. I usually only have maybe 2 or 3. Last night, while we were watching the news... I probably ate way more than I should have... like 13 or 14.

I knew that some things that are naturally red, will affect my face. But now, I know, for certain, that RED DYE #40 is one thing that I need to avoid at all costs.
My whole face is covered with red blotches and markings from petechial hemmorage. I look like I should be a strangulation victim! So... now that's one more thing to be added to the list of things to avoid for me. Really... I shouldn't be this red... not even with a sun burn!

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Pearl said...

really? i thought you looked blushingly beautiful!