Friday, January 2, 2009


Yep... that's what I am doing today. I finally realized what was "eating at me" for the last couple of days. It's all the clutter... so I am at it with a vengeance today... cleaning all the way. My Mom would be so proud!

And while we are at it... DH is going through the house again on a project to keep this little house warm. We have discovered a few more air leaks and DH scored some good heavy plastic to remedy the situation. I am amazed at how a few simple things can make such a huge difference. He also added new weather striping at the front door, half of it was missing. I knew I felt cold air at my back when I was sitting in the kitchen! All of this will make such a difference in our heating bill. Already there is a difference in how often the furnace kicks on!

My next project will be the desk and bookcase in the computer area. DH had some of his work stuff here for a long time. He has moved off to a new desk, but hasn't taken all of his stuff with him. It's going to find a new home in the other office area very soon. I am very ready to begin my "early spring cleaning" in all areas. (My sister also does this at this time of year as well.)
So... I'm off for now to keep cleaning! Thank you to my friends who have lifted me up in prayer... it's working!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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So blessed! said...

De-clutter...always makes you feel better. Clean it up, clear it out, feel much lighter and brighter about everything!