Monday, January 5, 2009

I am not #1 anymore!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love and adore my pets. My own Mom has said that if she believed in reincarnation... she would want to come back as one of my dogs. (I am not kidding... she really said that!)

I love and spoil my dogs. When I had my wire fox terrier... Dottie, she was a frequent flyer. I took her along with me when ever I could. She loved the ride down to the tarmac, and the handlers loved taking her because she so enjoyed it. She would stand in her crate and look for me... and wag her tail with all she had once she spotted me. She was a lot of fun and I miss her.

When I adopted Canolli, I was single and living with a different partner... and even tho it was a total of 3 years that we were together, Nolli was what brought me the most joy and was the glue that was holding us together. When I left... I took the him because I knew that my former partner would not be responsible and give him good care.

When I first started to go out with Ham... having him meet Nolli and seeing if there was any kind of issue was important. They seemed to hit it off... and in the course of the past year, that relationship has blossomed. Ham gives him treats, prepares his dinner for him and lets him lick the spoon when he's done mixing his food for him. They play and do tug-of-war and tag. Ham takes him out at night for me.

This past weekend, we were snuggled in, watching tv on Saturday night. It was cold and we like to watch tv in bed when it's cold. Nolli will often get up on the bed and lay across my end of the bed. Sometimes, he will want to snuggle... and he will gently come up for hugs and kisses. I had left the room to get something to drink and came back to find this:

That cutie-patootie had taken my place! He got all comfortable and warm on my pillow next to Ham. What on the heck???

I do acknowledge that it's my own fault for spoiling that little guy... and it's my fault for giving up being top dog... (altho as far as obedience when outside... Nolli still listens to me, Ham just hasn't done the leash training with him.) So... yeah, I get what my Mom was saying.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Nolli looks so content there on the bed.... the pillow probably has your scent and he just couldn't resist lying where you had been. Sweet pup.

The Blue Ridge Gal