Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a Difference...

A year makes! Today marks one year ago that I met the remarkable man that is my husband. He has made this year of my life... wonderful, happy, safe and secure, blessed beyond belief, supported and deeply loved, filled with laughter and adventure.

We met at church... and not on the best day of my life... I was hurting and sadden by the death of my father the day before... whom I never got to say the words "I love you and I forgive you." (That's a post for another time.) And my dear friend Mary introduced us... and we went back to her house after church for breakfast and conversation. The conversation has never stopped. This man... let me talk... and listened with great intent. This man, was not boastful, this man was humble and yet self-assured in who he was as a person and a christian.

That first day... as we sat in the dining room at Mary's... began a deep and true friendship, sparked with chemistry and a deep understanding of knowing that if we wait upon the Lord, that he will be faithful to answer our deepest desires of our heart.

It had been 2 years before at my bible study, that our leader had given us a simple 3x5 index card. She told us to write down the desire of our heart, that it would be prayed over... and simply placed back into our bibles... and not looked at again. Ham and I had gone to coffee house once, and then to the theatre when we knew that this was something special.

I awoke in the middle of the night... I had to find my bible... I opened it up... and it opened to my favorite verse, Jeremiah 29:11-14. Nestled next to that verse, was my 3x5 index card. On it were these words, written in pink ink~ "I long for a peaceful, secure loving relationship ~ I surrender this & give it you, Lord." It was all I could do to not pick up the phone and call Ham. I waited. When I saw him that next morning, on the way to church, I told him that I had picked up my bible... compelled to read it during the night... and what I had found inside. He quietly smiled... and told me that he had prayed that God would show him a sign, if I were the right woman for him, that I would talk about reading my bible. (It's not something that I ever really talk about, and he was wondering if I did read it.)

We both got huge goosebumps after that... because we both had confirmation that this was what God had waiting for us. We just needed to be patient and wait upon him. (That reads for me... no more trying to design the hand of God, just relax and let God do what he will do.) We've had other confirmations... and we know that God does have his hand in and on this marriage. We aren't where we are because we chose to go here... we are here because God chose for us... and we were willing to surrender to His will.

Happy Anniversary... of the day we met... the one that changed me forever~ Dear Ham!

Thanks for reading... I hope that I blessed you!


Rosezilla said...

Yes, having a good man makes life so much sweeter... and when you know that man is from God (as well as a man of God), it couldn't be better! congratulations on your good fortune!

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow that is an amazing story. Reading through your blog I am tickled at the bloom of a young marriage. In June we will have been married 20 years. One sort of forgets the novelty of it after that time! Its good to be reminded of how special it really is!