Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love

It's been a cozy weekend, here at Sugarloaf Cottage. DH came home from work kinda early on Friday and we were able to get several things accomplished before the snow came. He took me to the store to stock up for the weekend. He also moved all my storage totes down to the loft in the basement.

Saturday, we tried to sleep in. It didn't work... the A.H. called very early to ask a very stupid question. DH was able to go to sleep... but not me. I was wide awake. I did fall to sleep for about 20 minutes... and A.H. called back again. Grrrrr!

I stayed in all day with the exception of taking Nolli out two or three times. He loves the snow... and ran and ran and ran... dragging his nose in the snow and throwing it up in the air. His whole face would be covered and all you could see was his eyes and his nose. So silly and sweet... and it's one of the things that we love and adore about him. He even made his own version of a snow angel... what a lovely puppy!

DH did go out once... he walked to the bank and the post office. He was gone a total of 15 minutes and was able to take advantage of the break in the snowfall. After that... it was "total chill time" for him. His back has been bothering him... hurting in his lower lumbar area and even giving him spasms. I've have done my own doctoring on him... it's helped some, but we both think it has to do with low pressure front from the storm affecting both of us and our arthritis. Yuck.. it's heck to get old!

We've tried to stay as warm as we can... we have a few days to go before our fuel delivery and we are trying to keep as warm as we can and still conserve on oil. We are lighting all our candles and we both have been baking and cooking up a storm (no pun intended) to keep the center of the house warm. I think we will need to put additional plastic up to keep the heat where we need it. The next few days will be a trial for me... to stay warm.

DH is going to be working tonight... He has a client that needs work done, but they run their system very late every day... so he is going to do it when no one is around. Hopefully, they will have the roads clear by the time he has to go out... at 11pm! That is dedication to his job and our family. It will be hard for me to try and sleep without him. That is Sweet Sunday Love... love for his family... and I appreciate all that he does for us.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi Suzanne,
I see you are a PA blogger too. I'm adding you to my Pa blogger list. Try to keep warm and toasty at home. The weather sure does affect how we feel doesn't it!
Take care, DebraK