Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Blast From the Past!

In the midst of boxes... and there are still quite a few of them... I came across a box of photos. I don't often go looking at the photo's from when I was a teenager or when I was first married. (The photo's of when I was married the first time... don't always evoke good memories.)
I came across 2 that I am going to share with you today.... the first is the one I spoke of yesterday. As a teenager... my church youth group would go on annual beach retreats. I have fond memories of falling asleep in a tent, listening to the crashing sound of the waves. We would go down to the state park near Westport... and body surf, play volley ball and soccer, and play games in the sand with the sunset. And we ate a ton of food!

This is me and Chuck... I was his babysitter and mentor for a couple of years. His parents were a doctor and a former airline hostess. They would often have me over to do projects with the kids. I was always baking cookies or making bread or dinner rolls. They had a tennis court in the side yard and I loved to play on their court. I had a pretty wicked backhand in the day... but alas, even then, my knees took a pounding.

This is me about 2 years later. I had moved back to California and was working in the school district at the time. My best friend and I had gone up to Cougar Flats, just below the old ski lift area on Mt. Shasta. It was early Fall and it was a rather cool afternoon. We had brought her kids up to play and have a picnic. (I also remember the jeans I was wearing... they were Levi's comfort bend over bellbottom jeans... they only had an inside seam. They were extremely comfortable and very flattering to the backside. I loved them very much!) I also remember my yellow down jacket... my brother was always stealing it from me... back then, he was as thin as a rail and only outweighed me by maybe 10 pounds. From the back... you had to look twice to tell us apart if we had coats on that went past our butts. It's quite interesting for me to also remember how I felt about my body image, and that I felt fat in those pictures. (I wish I had that body now!)

Anyone else have any blasts from the past that they care to share?

Thanks for reading... Be blessed!


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