Saturday, January 17, 2009

Field Trip

It was nice and sunshiny this morning. It still showed 8 degrees on thermometer this morning. I just had to go out and do something other than clean or cook and do dishes... or I was gonna lose it something fierce!

I convinced DH to take me up the hill into town. (Not the little village where we live, but into town... where there are multiple shops and stores.)

We first went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store... I hadn't been to this one yet. I didn't find a single thing I couldn't live without. It was very organized, but it had the look that things went out as fast as they came in. I was on the hunt for some furniture... but they really didn't have any... just a couple of sofas in the window and one blond bedroom set from the 50's. I was hoping to find a little bookshelf or maybe an occasional table. Nope... Nada!

Then we stopped off at Ollie's Discounter. I haven't been to one of those stores in a very, very long time. (If anyone from the Pacific Northwest is wondering... it's like Yard Birds or Sunbirds.) I did manage to find a new small lampshade for the lamp on my kitchen table for $2.99! And I was able to stock up on a few jar candles for the living room and computer area. (We enjoy burning candles at night... for both ambiance and the radiant heat given off!) I also found a few items for scrap booking and a new book to read... Robin McGraw's book, "Inside My Heart"... I am looking forward to reading that in the coming week ahead.

After that, we did a few errands... like stopping at the local market for the few things I can't get anywhere else but there. And the post office and the bank. We have another little field trip coming up tomorrow... and I will remember to take my camera with me so I can share the trip!

We are trying to go through things and get a little more organized in here. We both have things that need to go to the basement... and I have lots of things for a yardsale... and more things to donate to Goodwill or Planet Earth. Our goal is to have things pared down to where, when we do make purchases... they have a place to go. I know it's all a process... and I know that I of all people can be a bit of a hoarder. (DH on the other hand... is also a huge hoarder... but he has a habit of holding on to things that really shouldn't be held on to anymore! Yeah... it's junk, and he even says so!)

That's all for now... Thanks for reading! Be blessed and stay warm!

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