Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's True!

I have become a "Chuzzle" widow. Last week while we were out and about, I pulled out my phone to play my favorite game. I find that if I play a game while DH is driving, it makes for a much more enjoyable trip. (Sometimes he scares me!)

We also went out to Red Robin for an early dinner/late lunch. I pulled out my phone and played a couple of times, once while we waited for our appetizer and then once when near the end of the meal, DH excused himself from the table and was gone for about 5 minutes. He was interested at what my score was... I had reached level 14 by then and had never gone that far in the game before.

When we got home later on... he went straight to the computer and began to play the game online. Heaven help me... he has gone online every single chance he has gotten! Last night, he offered to help me with dinner. There was about 8 minutes where I didn't need him... and I discovered he was sitting at the computer playing Chuzzle. And he stayed on the computer, playing the game... all evening long. I told him that if I find him like that again... and not spending any time with me... he was gonna be grounded from the computer! (Who knew my little addiction would spread to him!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Susie Harris said...

Hi there! I wish I knew how to work my phone and play all of those neat games.... All I can do is make a call...piti..ful, ugh!

Pearl said...

hmm what exactly is chuzzle? it looks like an adorable game!

JO said...

I've never heard of that one - so techno challenged here... but sounds fun. I may have to check it out. I'm getting bored with Tetris - lol

This Little Hen said...

ooh I get so addicted to games~ I have had to stop playing all together!