Friday, January 16, 2009

Bundle Up, Baby!

I am officially a house hermit. It's too cold for me to go outside. I cannot do it! We did go out last night to get groceries. (Gahhh! It was $300 by the time we were done. Ouch!) I just want to stay in and huddle in bed with a certain little white dog!
If I didn't already feel the cold... I wouldn't believe it! I don't remember if I've ever been this cold, except for maybe one year when I lived in Virginia... over 25 years ago.
On a happier note... when it's this cold... we eat lots of comfort food! This is my version of Mac and Cheese... chocked full of sweet caramelized onions and thick bacon crumbles. Along side of Savory Chicken Tenders... coated in kosher salt, pepper, herbs de Provence and sesame seeds. Add garlic laced green beans... and it's a hearty, yummy meal... alas, it's not anywhere near diet food!
That's all of I've got for now... I have also been fighting insomnia for the last 4 days. Now that it's so cold... I feel the lack of sleep deep in my bones. I am going to go and bundle up... and try to sleep away the aches and pains in my joints and my head ache as well!
Update: My poor DH made it home tonight late... he had to stop at a rest area and take a nap, poor guy. He is not feeling well and has a pretty good fever going. I have a feeling that I will be up and down during the night with him, trying to keep him comfortable and hydrated. I did manage to get some dinner down him before he crashed tho!
On a chilly but funny note... I actually went out this evening to walk the dog. (I know, I said I wasn't leaving the house... but DH is sick!) My crazy little dog loves the snow... and he went up to the front yard... where it's shaded and has good cover from trees... and stuck his little face in the snow to play. He loves good powder and loves to bury his nose and then throw it back and send that powdered snow everywhere. Then he takes off running and flings himself into the drifts. It's so funny and cute, even if he does make a muddy mess on the stairs when he comes back in. (On a side note... I don't think at my age, that I could ever fling myself into a snow drift and think it's fun!)
Thanks for reading... be blessed, and warm!


Kay said...

Wow it sound like it's quite cold there. It has been quite cold in SW IA where i live. Luckily though the temperature jumped at least 25 degrees today. It is right now a comfortable 37 degrees out, compared to -11 degrees about two days ago. (I love how bipolar the weather is in this area).

I hope you can get warm!!! My lovely pet doesn't seem to care much about the snow, she's happier eating people food and snoring next to me while i'm on the computer (yes she snores, and has nightmares) in fact she is snoring right now :)

Have a wonderful day!!!


PS: i'm from Ms. Suzanne McMinn's site.

Minnesota Matron said...

Yesterday it was minus 25 when I woke up and 6 degrees when I went to bed at night -- a thirty degree difference. Minnesota? Ugh!