Saturday, January 24, 2009


I woke up at 3:30 this morning... DH had a very restless night and kept waking me up. Not intentionally... but I could not take another bump in the night, so I got up. I read and puttered on the computer. I heard the furnace kick on a few times. About 5 am, I went back to bed, exhausted and certain that DH was finally in a restful sleep and I could go back to bed.

He let me sleep until almost 10. That was a good thing... but then he noticed it started to get cold in here. He checked the thermostat and it showed that it was colder than what the heat was set at... 66*. He went to the basement... checked the breaker box, it was ok. He went to the furnace, it was cold as was the hot water tank. He hit the reset button... it flashed a green color... but nothing happened. It is not firing.

So... here we sit with no heat. We called for service, and luckily, since it's new... it's under warranty. Now we wait... I hope they get here soon... I have all the candles I own, lit in the living room and the oven on low in the kitchen (On for 20 minutes, then it's back off until it cools down.) The living room looks like a shrine at this point... and I could dig out even more candles if I wanted to! Oh... did I mention that it's only 17* today and we have a good breeze, taking the wind chill down to around 9*! It's going to be an interesting day! At least it's on a Saturday and DH can handle the landlord and the service crew!

The service tech came around 1pm... we had a transformer go out. It's been replaced and we have heat again! And Hot Water!!! Yippee!

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Pearl said...

oh wow! i hope your heater gets fixed soon!

but i bet your house looks BEAUTIFUL right now, adorned with candles :)