Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I know... It's only the end of January...

But Come On Spring!!!

I am so ready to get out and walk... and I am so ready to look for planter boxes and start planting flowers. (Yeah... that can get to be an expensive little habit of mine.) And I want to do Trompe L'oeile on my wall... and I also want to have a huge yard sale. (Today, J even told me she wants my help to do a yard sale... combined, on our parking pad or our side yard. WooHoo!

I'm ready to have my heating bill go down. I am ready to be able to open my windows and get a soft breeze... and air out my winter blues!

I have definitely figured out my back problem... it's a combination of cold weather, moving storm fronts, like low pressure systems and having to lift the garage door open and closed along with pushing and pulling the vacuum cleaner around. So... I need to stay warm, have DH get the car out for me in the morning if I need it, and have him help me with the vacuuming... I can do small spaces, but he needs to do the larger spaces.

As for my winter blues.... I will just have to wait on the calendar... and maybe, just maybe, pick up some spring bulbs to put on the porch to cheer me up. I love hyacinths and narcissus...and tulips... yup... I am ready for spring. (I'm going to ignore Ground Hog day... maybe.)

Yeah, I think my problem of late is that I have SPRING FEVER.... along with PA. Cabin Fever... and that I miss my friends from Maryland and my friends from Washington. (Maybe I do need to get a job.... ) Please, Internet friends.... pray for this crazy woman!!!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Being iced in here, I'm so ready for spring, planting and tons of flowers! Sorry to hear about your illness but the grace of God has kept you strong, you will be just fine. As for your friend, leave it to God. Hugs!
Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa said...

Hey friend, bundle up, get on some safe boots, and get out for a fresh air walk. You'll love it. It does wonders for winter blues. Hugs from Maine. http://sophie4me.blogspot.com/

Jukia said...

I am ready for spring myself. It is quite cold and snowy where i am. Today is about 25 degrees out and everyone is kind of excited because that feels so warm compared to what we have been getting. The wind has also let up quite a bit. (the campus where I work usually has winds that could knock a person over, and it really makes a warm coat feel like nothing)

When it comes to vacuums maybe you should get one of those small light weight ones. They are actually great and some of them don't do too bad of a job. Some may not have a lot of power, but they could be handy for little jobs or light cleaning. My mother in law has terrible arthritis and other issues and she loves her tiny vacuum when she doesn't have much help. :) good luck with your back!!!