Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guest Photography

We are in throes of Winter... and the frigid Arctic air is once again making it's way through Pennsylvania. We've had a pretty good amount of snow and ice. (I personally don't care for snow and ice that stays around forever... I'm from the Pacific Northwest... it rains and then we are rid of it!)

My DH was out and about today... he was to go to Philly... was within an hour of his destination and was re-routed to Scranton... 80 miles north of where he had just driven! As he was approaching that destination... he was again re-routed in Wilkes Barre... 20 miles west.

He did his work at the requesting facility and was routed over to Hometown. That's west again and just south of where we live. He drove 180 miles round trip to work locally. (Whew!)

While he was driving... he decided to stop at one of his favorite spots on the interstate and take a few pictures of how frozen, frigid and icy it is right now. Behold his handiwork:

This is just 5 miles north of here... and the trees are covered in ice... and the sun has been shining for 2 days.

This at the beginning of the last summit before you come down into the valley we live in.

He loves how the ice is frozen into the rock... and how the ice was actually blue in the sunlight.

He loves nature and he wanted to share his admiration of God's Handiwork with you all...
I think it's pretty cool that he wanted to share this on my blog! He's a great man!
Thanks for reading... be blessed. (And warm!)


So blessed! said...

Wow! He really captured some beautiful pics. I looks really pretty, but I am like you, I can only handle just so much of the icy cold weather and then I am ready for it to move on. We don't see much of that in Northeast Texas.

Allie said...

Oh, that is pretty neat! Love the blue color...