Friday, January 9, 2009

I am Officially Hooked

Ok... that sounds bad. And it is! Way back when I was working for a "certain wireless cell company"... one of my team mates was always busy on her phone. (We were all busy on the "company phones"... I'm talking her personal phone.) She was a team mate when we were on a different team and sat near me. When we went to the "team we loved"... (meaning we adored our supervisor who was really very hands-off unless you really needed her, which is a great trait in that arena!) we were able to have adjoining work spaces!!! (Miss you much, Kase!)

Anyway... one day, we had a blue-moon kind of Saturday. That means call levels were waaaaay down, and we were in code blue... which meant that we could all go off-line because service levels were so low. (That means there weren't enough calls for all of us, but they didn't want to send us home in case something were to change.) We were encouraged to catch up on training modules, or work through follow-up issues. Since my team was pretty much caught up on all of that... we pretty much just hung out on the floor and visited. It was pretty fun getting to know people from other teams, that you work around but don't get to really interact with other than saying "hi" everyday. Kasey, on the other hand, was at her desk... with her phone... and she was playing a game.

I'm not a gamer... I'm of the age of "Pong" and Donkey Kong" and am really so over that stuff. I didn't care for Atari or that kind of thing. I thought it was a waste of time after I turned... 23!?!

That's not to say that I don't have a pogo account, cuz I do. I play a few things on pogo... mostly first class solitaire, sweet tooth or poppit. I've had 2 accounts on that site... the first one, I had over 1 million points and then got locked out somehow. On my new account, I am standing at 354,685 points in about a years time.

Back to Kasey... she was playing Chuzzle. It looked cute, seemed easy... she let me play a little on her phone. I wanted to download it to my phone... but, NO... it wasn't available for download. I was not happy... I really wanted that game.

I do have the game downloaded several times on my desktop for the "free trial" but have never bought it for my PC... something I will soon rectify. (I think...) One day, Ham and I were sitting at the laundry mat, cuz he still hasn't fixed the washer in the basement... and I pulled out my phone to browse what games were available. I went through What's New... and Best of 2008, through Top Sellers and Featured Games. Nothing there that sounded interesting to me. Then I went to Puzzle Games... and there it was! And before I knew it... I had downloaded that sweet game into my phone!

I am so happy about this... It will keep great harmony in my already harmonious marriage when we take road trips together and I don't want to see how Ham is driving. I can play it while we are watching one of Ham's tv shows that I don't care for, and still be together! (Yes... that means I can now take a "House" marathon or several episodes of "How It's Made.") I am addicted to this game... Thanks to Kasey! (Girl... you know I loves you and misses you!)

It only takes a little thing to turn it all around... and the world goes right!
Thanks for reading... Be Blessed!

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