Saturday, November 8, 2008

The work never ends...

We were up early to get all of our errands done today. I had wanted to get to the holiday bazaar that I had seen advertised at the flower shop and post office. I had the day right, but not the time. So, we went for a little drive and then in to town to our new favorite breakfast spot. We had a nice breakfast, leisurely enjoyable and filling.

Then we came back to the village for the "Holiday Bazaar". It turned out that what I had envisioned (a crafters Christmas bazaar like back home) was not what we found... it was nothing more than a glorified flea market full of unused or unwanted white elephant items. I did find a cute little snowman figurine, a tapestry pillow, and a universal bluetooth headset. We spent a total of $3.00 for our items. I know that the things I was looking for, will be found at either Zanolini's Garden shop or at Country Folk up in Nescopek. I want a new wreath, some small artificial trees for the porch and the bathroom, and I'd love to find a primitive snowman to go out front by the front door. We shall see if I find those items in the coming days.

After that disappointment, we went on to finish our errands. We did 6 loads of laundry, John got his hair cut, I made an appointment for Tuesday for mine, and we did grocery shopping to the tune of $177.00! And I still don't have everything I need. We used our 5 tote bags and it filled all five of them... that's like $40 a bag... remember when we would gasp at having to spend $20 to fill a paper bag???

Anyway, we had to bring all that stuff up stairs. We were both weary after that. We had to clean out the fridge to put our new stuff in it... wash all those dishes from the fridge, and then make something to eat for dinner. Clean up dinner, and then get all the laundry put away and get the bed made so that we can fall into it... exhausted and weary. I know that I feel just like that... and DH, he's already in bed sound asleep. I plan on doing very little tomorrow, maybe some vacuuming and dusting, hem up some slacks, read all my benefit paperwork... and hopefully get a nap somewhere in the midst of all that nothing-ness!

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