Friday, November 14, 2008

What a Smart Boy!

Since moving to our little cottage, DH and Nolli have had a dear and sweet bonding experience. DH had not had a dog in the home for many years. (He can sometimes become very "Monk-like" with cleanliness and order.) Anyway.... because it can be an ordeal for me to take the dog out, DH will often take him for his walks. I have worked hard on giving signals to Nolli for his boundaries and where he can and cannot go. DH... hasn't really picked up on it, but the dog knows where he's suppose to go anyway.

Now... Nolli, given that he is a mixed breed, has most of the endearing traits of both the Jack Russell and the Cavalier Spaniel. He also has some of the not-so-endearing traits as well. He can jump like a Jack, race like a Jack and he sticks his tongue out like a Jack. On the Cavalier side, he can be very laid back, and he has the tail and the cute little ear tendrils that they have. He also can be very stubborn and very blind to what you are trying to teach him. We have on more than one occasion, had to go back to the basic principles of obedience. (I once had hopes of having him become a working therapy dog... but he wouldn't pass all of the tests.)

Recently, DH has decided to try and teach him to either "give him paw" or "shake". He's been slowly working at it for about 6 weeks. Last night, while I was resting and Nolli was lying beside me, DH was working at the desk. I sat up to get a drink and Nolli took off like a shot. He went to where DH was working and got his attention, and proceeded to "give him paw." What a riot! He wanted to have a treat... and knew that he could get one if he would shake his paw. I guess it has to be his idea, cuz I tried it this morning while DH was getting ready for work and it wasn't happening for me!

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