Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emergency Roadtrip!

My DH came home from work a little later than normal and he had a rough day of it. He was covered in dirt and filth and was so tired. As he was getting out of his work clothes, he stated that the air hose nozzle that we had purchased from Harbor Freight broke near the end of his day. He stated that he didn't know how he going to get through the week without a nozzle at the facility he is servicing. I piped up with the fact that it's warrantied and we can return it... and that I would drive. He instantly cheered up and hurried into to the shower.

I had remembered that the last time he had to return something, the customer service person told him that everything is returnable if it breaks and that there was a store closer to us than the one up in Dickson City. So.. out the door we went to find this other store. I love my Verizon Wireless service and VZ Navigator. We popped the address in and had our turn-by-turn directions both ways. After we did our shopping, we were starving and decided on going to Quiznos for dinner. It's been over 6 months since we went to a Quiznos and there isn't one anywhere near where we live. It was soooo good! I went with a cesaer chicken salad with tomatoes and red onion. Ohhhh... the dressing was just so good, and I forgotten just how good it was! DH had a mesquite chicken sub and some broccoli cheese soup. We felt like we had feasted!

There was a fabulous Hallmark store in the same shopping center. It was a really big store and we went in and looked. Oh my goodness.... there was so much to see. I haven't seen a shop with so much product in it.... and they had tons of stuff. The Thanksgiving gift lines were beautiful and if I had some extra cash this week... there were more than just a few things I would have wanted to bring home. Wonderful platters and serving dishes and sweet decor to tuck away in little spots. And the Christmas things... we were having a ball at looking at it all. I was so enamored of the wreaths and angels and things I could give as gifts. I definitely made a mental list so that when I am ready, I am going to find my way back there. And some of the shops on that side of town... I definitely want to go back and explore some of those shops along Wyoming Avenue. (Can you tell that I had fun getting out of my little village?)

We hustled back home and made it in the door by 10 of 9. We still needed to walk the dog and it was 29 degrees and the wind chill brought it down to around 15. I had to run over to my neighbors, I picked up some stuff for her at Harbor Freight... and 5 pack of scissors and some Gorilla superglue. Her scissor handle broke and the last 3 times I was in the shop, she was gluing it back. She was thrilled with her surprise! It was a fun little road trip and DH was so happy that I had remembered the return policy and all that jazz and that I had offered to drive. We had a wonderful evening and it felt so good to do something a little different and bring some joy to my man who does so much for me!

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