Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Crapshoot...

After a long weekend of contemplation and analyzing the new job with the 50 mile commute, the cost of the company benefits, the price of gas, and the feeling that the system I was going to be working was never going to be an easy thing for me...I had yet another meeting with my team leader and my project manager. We decided that I would give it to the end of the week... I went back to my desk and prayed about it while I worked. I never really got a sense of peace... and by the time my training session came around at 3pm, I was pretty much done. I resigned.

And in resigning... I had to go to Human Resources... and talk to the director. I did give some good feedback, that the system being not user friendly, could stand to have a decent training manual written for how to do posting on it. That, if in fact it was a project that was going to be long term, that it would be extremely helpful to do a detailed booklet with screenshots that would help you if you got lost or had a brain freeze. (I hate that I would get lost in all the steps just to use a credit and apply it.) I had to write a brief resignation letter... and turn in all my books. I felt badly that I only lasted 7 days... but the training system just sucked!

When I got home tonite.... another company had a message on the machine that they would like to schedule an interview with me... so I will call them tomorrow. It pays less... but has good benefits and is local.... like no more than 10 miles away! It's call center stuff... and I can do that in my sleep... and the shifts are 9-5:30, 10-6:30 or 3-11. We know what I am going to choose! Let's hope that I will get those hours!

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