Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3... Wow, I'm tired!

This was a crazy Monday. We fell into bed last night... but it was a hard night's rest. Poor Nolli got on the bed and needed to consoled as his little left paw was hurting him. He could not settle down, even after giving him 1/2 a baby aspirin. I finally had DH take him outside for a walk at 1:30. I crashed after that... and I ended up keeping DH awake with my restlessness. He ended up going into the living room for awhile. He finally came back to bed at 2:30. I then woke up at 4:30ish due to a wretched hot flash, dire thirst and a full bladder. I went directly back to bed only to have to be awakened again by the alarm at 5:40. I should have just stayed up... but I slept hard in that hour! Poor DH set his alarm for 5:50 to sure that I would wake up... he really didn't sleep much last night.

So... I was out the door by 6:45 and on the road. Got to Clarks Summit early... and went to McD's for a biscuit and a pop. I hit the office parking lot15 minutes early. I worked hard all day... and hopped into the car at 4:02 to begin the race home. Going home is a lot like driving on the autobahn, only there are semi's and slowpokes that move into the inside lane that are NOT going the same speed. It's crazy way to drive home... but for certain... you won't fall asleep trying to get home like that!

Anyway... I managed to get a decent dinner on the table by 6:30... I did Hawaiian Meatballs, seasoned rice and a vegetable medley. It was great... DH enjoyed it and we had leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. Half of his lunch is now made and I only have to make a couple of sandwiches for our lunches tomorrow. Yippee! (I know, this is a bit mundane. But then that is my life! Simple but full of love, and we are happy!)

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