Friday, November 28, 2008

A Rare Lazy Friday

It's Black Friday... and I am certain that most of the people we know are out shopping. We are not Black Friday Shoppers. I did that once... got some good deals, but never really got into the whole mad, early crush. Oh... and the lines? Forget it! My good friend Danners and I went out one year... and the line at the store we were at started at the back of the store and went around the whole side of the store to the front... on both sides! We shopped in shifts... one of us would stand in line while the other one went to look at stuff and bring it back to our place. We would scoot everything along. I don't know if I want to subject DH to that... although if it were important to me, he'd play along!

So... we slept late. We made a nice breakfast... snuggled back into bed to watch some tv and then finally got up to start on projects. I managed to get the tree out of the storage trunk and get it put together. DH had to work on the lights since it's been so long since the tree has been used. (At least 3 years.) Today... DH got the lights put up in the front windows and the tree awaits decorating. All I have managed to do is get the Christmas Wreath on the front door! Yeah... I am pathetic and lazy! DH has retired to his office to work on his old computer and see if he can retrieve some old documents from one hard drive to another. (Too much for me to figure out... he really rocks at IT and computer stuff, along with all the other great skills he has!)

All that I really have to do of any great importance is go to the grocery store. (My home away from home when DH is off for any amount of time... how many little comments will I have in parenthesis??) So... with that being said... time to go and finish my list, check my face so that I won't scare anyone, and head to the market. We are going easy for dinner... burger dip sandwiches, salad and waffle fries.

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