Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Craigslist adventure~

I loves me some Cragis list! We have found some wonderful buys on Craigs list and today was about the best find ever! Let me first give a rundown of some of the items we have purchased from people who utilize that site. Several years ago... before DH, I had need to purchase a new bed as the "boyfriend of 3 years" had decided not to be the "boyfriend of 3 years." So... I went on to the site... did some searching and found a wonderful pillow top queen size mattress and box springs... for $125.00. Little did I know, it also included a frame and pickled pine headboard, and delivery for that price!

In moving to PA... we did not have any dining room furniture, since I had sold my table and chairs way back in 2002 before moving east to cut down on the freight bill. My hutch went back to my sister since it had been my Mom's. We went on the website, just to see what was out there... and I came across a maple hutch, that almost matched the one that I grew up with. We acquired that for $100, it also included delivery!

We then started to browse for a table... and we looked on and off for awhile. And one day there was a listing for a beautiful trestle style table with butter knife carving on the apron. We immediately called on it and it became ours! This time, we had to go some distance... up in to the Elk Mountain area of the Pocono's to get it. It turned out to be a wonderful drive and it was a peak fall color when we went. On the way back, we stopped for a bite of lunch and came across a farmer's market. We bought wonderful produce and baked goods that day. We've even gone back once more and have stored away both bell peppers in the freezer and Yukon Gold and Baby red potatoes on the sun porch. Oh, and we only paid just $100 for the table.

We have been browsing, looking for chairs to go with our table. Each time we looked, we had just missed out on something that we liked. Well... last night I found a listing for 4 dining chairs with padded seats... for $25! I called this morning and the lady said they were still available. I told we would take them and be there around 11am. They are maple!!!! And we got them for $25! And on the way back home... we hit the Pocono Farm Market...(yes, in 20 degree weather with a strong wind!) We got us some great produce for the coming week! We bought fresh brussell sprouts still on the stalk, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, grapefruit, fresh made farmer's cheese, scrapple made in Lancaster and homemade breakfast bread... all for $23.00. We feel like we hit the jackpot... and it's both amazing and sad that we found the market open and that we won't be back until the spring. I will be posting pictures of our delightful finds soon... once we get the chairs set up in the dining room!

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