Sunday, November 16, 2008

Date Night

We went out two nights in a row for dinner. Friday night, we went to our new favorite Chinese restaurant... got the same table and the same server. She is such a kick in the pants and she did remember us. We both had the same thing... Cashew Nut Chicken and the best pork fried rice ever. We ordered a side of boneless BBQ pork... that was sooo good and came with a side of teriyaki sauce. I will have to refrain from placing a large order of that next time we go!

Last night, it had been such a rainy, windy day... and I was wanting mexican food. We were just going to run up to the top of the hill and go to Taco B(h)ell, but I wanted chips and salsa. So... we ventured out to a little cantina up on the west side of Hazleton (the big town that lies east of the valley we live in.) We weren't too sure about what we found, at first. It was located in the midst of a residential area, on a corner and the outside lighting was out. We went past it at first, went around the block and came back. We found a place to park and followed a party of 5 inside. The first thing we were asked was, "Do you have a reservation?" DH replied that we had looked them up on the Internet... they said it would be 20 minutes for a table. When you enter... you come in to the bar area directly. I asked if we could just sit at the bar... and the bar tender said that, "Yes, of course you can!"

That was a really smart move to do so.... the service was great. He took the time to find out about us and that we were new to the area. The food was good and just enough for us. DH ordered a beef Cantina Burrito and I ordered a beef Tostada and a cheese Enchilada. It was yummy... and after I took off the olives from the enchilada, DH finished that. We had pumpkin cake for dessert... it came with both whipped cream and ice cream. (Oh, and the chips and salsa were really good... we had seconds on those!) Our dinner check came to $25.00 for all the food and drinks and dessert. We will definitely be going back... and we will make reservations.

And when we came home.... we pulled into the parking pad to see our resident doe and her half yearling slowly walking across the grass to the bridge to go back into the woods. Not sure if someone put out dear corn or apples... but they usually don't go up towards the road like that. We sat in the car and watched them feed down by the water... I love where we live and it was a great ending to our date night!

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