Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The last good day...

While I was getting dinner ready tonight, the news was on... the weatherman informed us that this was the last really good day we will be having for quite awhile. We may (or may not) have good weather on Friday, but before then, we will have much rain and wind. They also did the forecast for snow this winter. They have fore casted a snow fall amount of 72 inches... (ummmm, that's 6 feet!) most of which will fall from mid-November through January. We won't see any real mild weather until mid-January when we will have a moderate warm weather sandwich which get re-buried by mid-March snows through April. They stated that they are fairly accurate in their predictions and have been within inches on the forecast in the last 5 years. (Great! That's just wonderful! Yeah... I know I live in Pennsylvania, but I don't have to like the snow forecast!)

I tried to have a quiet day... but DH was having a rough day and made several phone calls this morning. That normally isn't a big deal, but every time he called, the phone was at one end of the house and I was at the other end. I ended up having to meet him with his wallet, he had left it in his jeans from last night and was very pre-occupied this morning as he left. Poor guy! I ended up getting my errands ran and got to the post office to find a little envelope from my niece and her writing project from school. (She had called me a month ago, needing my address for her school project.) It turns out it's for a magazine fundraiser... so DH and I decided we would each get a new subscription to something to help her out. It's always hard to pick just one each, but in light of the fact that I am not working... I don't want to spend too much money. On that note... DH noted that I am so much more relaxed now that I am not having to rush around trying to balance everything. It's been a really long time since I had to work, keep a home and take care of a husband. I was much more relaxed at stuff when I was just taking care of myself and I didn't have a commute. I wish I was still working at the college, that job was very conducive to married life!

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