Monday, November 17, 2008

Pondering my Ability

DH and I have been married for 5 1/2 months now. We were traditionalists in our romance and did not cohabitate during our courtship. When we moved here... most of our things had been in storage for over 3 years each. As I unpacked some of my things... I had told him of a time when I had my own crafting business in the 90's to supplement and even be a sole source of income at times. Dear DH wants me to become artistic again and pick up a paint brush. I don't have many samples of my work left, as I have sold or given away many pieces that I had. He would like for me to set up a work space in the guest room and start to work again. (I think I need some serious practice for a while!

So, here are a couple of examples of things I have painted in the past! I painted a series of these pots as gifts for my sister for her deck as a birthday gift.

This second piece was painted for my kitchen and entered into a painters contest and I won first place at the state level... (I don't have my blue ribbon anymore.) I have a couple of other pieces scattered around the house. I may take some pictures of those items for another post. I just don't know if I should start painting again or just leave it in the past as a former talent.

On other news... I have another job interview tomorrow. It's much closer to home, only 8 miles versus 50 miles. We have had snow flurries all day and I am glad that I didn't have to travel so far in such blustery weather. Oh... and I need to thank my DH for the two photos... his work camera takes much better pictures than my little Nikon camera.

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Rosezilla said...

Hello, I came over from Kate's to say hi! I like your painting, esp. the pots. You definitely have talent. A lot of people on here sell on Etsy, you might consider that. It would be lovely to be working from home with hubby's blessing, eh?

Congratulations on your recent marriage. Our 30th is coming up next month, and it just gets better and better - you have great things to look forward to!