Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Friday!

And what a week it's been. We've been out the door 3 out of 4 nights this week. Last night we stayed in and cooked a nice dinner together. It was yummy good and even Nolli got some of the steak and veggies. I laughed at DH as I put his favorite steak sauce on the table and he never opened it. He said he couldn't add to perfection. (I so love Johnny's Season Salt... it's good stuff and I have to order more, it's not available out here.)

I am hoping that DH gets home at a fairly reasonable hour... but he has to drive down to Pennsburg to pick up his supply order from his lead tech. (He's been within 20 minutes of our home and refused to bring it here.... *insert flash of anger here!* We may be going off to Stroudsberg to pick up some new chairs from Craigslist. I also love what I find on Craigslist. It's always so fun and it's almost a game anymore... (lookie at what I found, think we can get it?)

I am waiting for some new confirmations on Facebook... and I do enjoy that! (It's true... it's very addictive!) This is the last peaceful weekend before the craziness starts for Christmas... and I am wondering if there will even be any craziness this year, given what has happened to the economy. I called VZW this morning and got my name changed on my wireless bill, finally! I also discovered that we are due to upgrade on Dec. 29. I sent a text message to a former teammate and asked her what she felt was the best of the new phones out... she has yet to answer me. I am hoping that she is still working and just busy, and not one of the people that I have heard have gotten laid off. I was on an online employment site and found that they have a position for a store rep CSR... so, I may bite the bullet and apply. If I do apply... I know I will get it, based on my experience alone! Time for me to get my errands done... I'm in search of my cable bill... since we don't get mail service here... sometimes the mail gets left in the car by accident. It's a little crazy sometimes when you go to the post office and you have a huge stack!

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