Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oops! I missed a day!

I forgot to do my post for yesterday~ I got sidetracked! I did stuff around here in the morning, and went to the flower shop just after 10. My neighbor was so excited to see me! And when I told her that I had resigned and wasn't going back... she did a little dance! I hung out there for a good 3 hours or more. We chatted and talked and shared. It was so much fun.

I came back home to eat some lunch after 2 and do a few more things around here. I took Nolli out for a walk and we stopped back in to the shop so my neighbor could see Nolli and DH had come home during that time, so he came over too! We had a nice little visit and off we went so she could get the shop closed.

DH got showered and went with me to get my hair done. It was nice to have him there and help give me a perspective on what I was trying to achieve with my hair. We took my photo album so she could see what my hair had looked like before we moved here and it got all messed up with a bad hair cut and and even worse highlight job. I walked out of there with a darn good hair cut and a good highlight job. It's not as blond as I wanted, but it's not orange... and it will get lighter the next time I go to have it done. It's nice to finally be established with someone locally that I can build a relationship with about my hair and hair color!

That's all I've got for now.... I got DH out the door, and I am hungry. I need some breakfast, I was so tired last night, that all I fixed for myself was a sandwich for dinner. I tried to watch tv... but I fell fast asleep at 8 o'clock!

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