Thursday, November 20, 2008

Staying Home

It's Thursday evening... and I awaiting the return of my DH after another long day of work for him. He has worked over everyday this week. And every day this week, we have had errands to do after he gets home. We have rushed out the door as soon as he gets out of the shower and dressed. Finally... tonight, we are staying in and having a home cooked dinner. No fast food, no sandwiches... a real dinner on plates with silverware. Doesn't that sound nice!

I took lunch over to the flower shop for JB and I today. I made one of my kitchen sink salads... you know... one that has all kinds of goodies in it, that as you begin to eat, you find little surprises. It was good and filling and JB was so appreciative of it. She was going to open a can of soup for lunch... and she enjoyed it very much. We had good conversation in spite of many interruptions, which is a good thing since business has been very slow in the past month. She actually took several orders for delivery... so that is a good thing for her job security.

On the way home, my neighbor R was taking out his trash... and let me know that he had been laid off today. So sad and scary... I told him not to let the landlord know until he absolutely has to... and I called my friend from back home who has a beautiful clothing shop... and she said it gotten very slow for her... and she is also a little frightened as she doesn't really have a cushion right now. I would hate to see her have to go out of business... especially since I know her taste and that she has wonderful things... I am going to lift her up in prayer that she will be blessed and be able to continue with her business.

Time to go and get my dinner started... I am looking forward to being snuggled in for the night... it's also been very cold this week, snow showers and squalls, flurries and up to 2" tonight... it's been in the 20's and down in the teens at night... brrr!

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Mrs. G. said...

Have fun with DH. wink wink