Saturday, November 29, 2008

Please... keep it quiet!

I am having a Thanksgiving Hangover... Black Friday for me was more about having a touchy gallbladder. I felt sick for most of the day, in spite of trying to get some projects done. And today... I woke up with a wall banging headache. Hubs and Nolli are walking around like mice with marshmallow slippers. I have taken a few Tylenol along with a few Excedrin migraine... and I am now upright with sunglasses. It is museum quiet in here. (We know something is going on, when I cannot get any food down... and I just haven't been able to eat.)

My DH has a new nickname... He loves me so much and is always concerned when ever I don't feel good... but he can hover... (as in helicopter hover!) And today, he was so concerned about me and trying to help me... he reminded me of a hamster... trying his best to get to everything all at once. I started to laugh and he asked me what I was laughing at... so I divulged the hamster helicopter idea, which made him laugh. So... DH will be forever more referred to as "Ham". He doesn't mind... and I like the nickname. He's a good man, that guy of mine!

And Thank God for spellcheck... this wouldn't be fit to post without it!
Thanks for reading!


Rosezilla said...

Ugh, touchy gallbladder memories! I suffered with mine for years before I finally gave in and had it out - and wondered what in the world I'd waited for! Of all the things I've lost, I am most glad to see my gall bladder go bye bye!Hope you're feeling better.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I like your blog. Found your link at Rosezilla's.

I sure hope you're not having gallbladder problems. My husband's became inflamed in 2006. Doc said take it out now 'cause it won't go away, the pain will continue to grow, and if it explodes it is so excruiating you'll wish you were dead. Yipes! So Steve requested to have it removed post-haste. Please don't delay if that is the cause of the sickness. And hope you're better soon! ♥ ∞