Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank You, Lizzy!

My Maid-of-Honor-Forever... sent me her memory card from her camera. It contained some of our wedding pictures. There were some really wonderful pictures (and a few that make me cringe). We went to Target on Friday... (after taking care of Nolli and making sure he was comfortable) and went through the pictures and printed them out. Anyone care to see a few pictures of our wedding? (We will be married 10 months tomorrow!)

Rings and Roses

The two of us waiting for the ceremony to begin... I was missing my Mom right then.
The arch we were married under ...
The beginning of our wedding...

Exchanging rings...
Our unity candle...

This picture actually shows all 3 candles lit... it was breezy and they wouldn't stay lit!

Tomorrow I will show a few more pictures of greeting our guests and the little reception we had... this was a small wedding of 36 people... planned in 3 weeks! For us... it was more about the commitment we were making to each other than all the expensive clothes and flowers and cakes. We wanted the day to be about us... pledging to spend the rest of our lives being each other's friend, helpmate and life companion. We knew it was more about love and life than having the perfect shade of pink for something that wouldn't matter, years later. (Although, the bakery did screw up our order... it was a scramble 2 hours before the wedding to come up with an alternative... and it became gourmet cupcakes done with pink roses.)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Melissa said...

I love wedding photos as they remind me of the commitment I made almost 15 years ago!

Beautifully done...thanks for sharing them with us!

Many Blessings,

Pearl said...

oh those wedding photos are beautiful! YOU'RE beautiful :)

JO said...

awww - that is just beautiful... thanks for sharing it.