Monday, March 2, 2009

Unwanted Excitement!

We have been in "Spring Cleaning" mode for several days... and today, I decided that while I did dishes and cleaned in the kitchen, that I would utilize the self-cleaning mode on my oven. Our kitchen has the original double oven kitchen stove by HotPoint... in a lovely shade of brown, that was installed when this little place was built 40 years ago. The timer for cleaning... never went off... and I went to make a pot of tea... and within 2 minutes... the burner exploded and fused the teapot to the burner.

Lucky for me... DH was home at the time, (the tea was for him.) He raced to shut the breaker off... and then came with the fire extinguisher. (It was not needed.) Needless to say... I cried! I don't do well sometimes in a crisis... or if I think I did something wrong. DH assured me that I didn't do anything wrong. He is currently in the process of tearing the whole top apart and testing everything to see if we need a whole new stove or just some parts. (He is a smart man... and can fix almost anything and the landlord loves him! and has no idea of all the things that he fixes around here.)

So... we are not having French Onion Soup for dinner... (at least, not mine!) Nor are we going to be having the pasta dish I had planned to make for later on this week. I do think that at least tonight and tomorrow, we will be having take out. And I don't want to leave the house... because of the wind chill coming in the next couple of days. On the upside... there was no fire... the only real casualty is my tea kettle and the burner. (So far!) Oh... and my burned thumb as I tried to undo the latch on the stove door. These things do happen... and God made sure John was home to be able to protect us and our belongings.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Melissa said...

What a blessing that your husband was home when this's so easy to panic in times of crisis!

Best wishes on a speedy recovery with your thumb...

Many Blessings,

Pearl said...

awww suzanne, dear, good thing DH was home! sounds like he's so caring, rushing to the issue :)

Jenny said...

Your blog is fun to read. Something about it makes me feel cozy and energetic at the same time. I think I'll actually stand up from my blogotopia and get some housework and laundry done.