Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Running on Empty!

It's been a busy day here... this morning, I was awake from about 2:45 until 5:25 (my knee was bugging me). I was cold and tired, so I went back to bed. But not before making lunch for DH. I had just gotten warm and cozy and started to drift off when one of his cell phones went off. It wasn't the alarm, but an emergency night call... glad I had made his lunch, cuz he was out the door in about 6 minutes.

I puttered and went back to bed.. only to be up at 8 because it was trash day and it needed to be put out at the curb. I managed to pull myself together... and Big Brown came down the driveway at 10:30 with a huge box for DH. It was too heavy for me to even budge.

So... on with my morning... telling Nolli that he was going to have to go into his crate for awhile. I just got all my stuff situated for the stove delivery when they pulled up! I managed to get them to the correct front door because the Landlord put an incorrect address on the delivery ticket. They came up and assessed what was being taken out and then brought up the new one... It's beautiful! I spent part of the afternoon cleaning the top and getting the shelves right and putting things away.

DH came home from work on time today... and we opened his freight delivery and I helped write out his inventory slip. He worked at getting it all installed on his truck or storing the extras in the garage. He also quickly finished sanding the dresser in that still needs paint. He came up and did his email to his supervisor... then changed into paint clothes and headed to the garage to do some painting. He came back up in less than 5 minutes... he had another emergency call and needed to change and head out. Luckily for me... I had some leftover meatloaf to make into a good sandwich and I packed him some dinner to take with him. It will bill out for 2.5 hours plus the hour he put in this morning. And I think he may even have some OT today as well. He did say that Big Brown has signed contracts for him to service all their facilities in this area... Yippee! It's considered local work and he has enough work to do a steady 40+ hours in their facilities. That is confirmation to us that we are to be here and that God does have a plan and does provide!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

oh suzanne - it sounds like you've had a VERY long day! i hope that you get to relax tonight :)

why does your husband have to take emergency calls?

Suzanne said...

Pearl... he is on call 24/7... anytime one of his clients has an issue with a breakdown or equipment failure, he has to respond. Sometimes we can go months with nothing and then it goes in spurts. He services for UPS and FedEx... to keep everything in the system moving.