Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I must have bored y'all to death!

Usually... when I write something that is as wild as my last post... I get at least 1 comment! I guess no one decided to read it all. Ok, I can take a hint! I guess I will do my post today in bullets... and no, not the ones Shay dodged! (Yay for Shay!)

  • We didn't miss the rat race of being on 1-695 or 1-95 or RT. 100 or Rt. 175. We like our small town life. We didn't miss seeing the Boyz from the Hood with their customized cars coming down from Philly to hang out at Arundle Mills.

  • We went to visit my dear and long time friend Nita and her family. We hung out at her house and watched a movie and talked about old times at work, and married life. I miss her very much!

  • We also went to visit Miss Mary and Mr. Rob... they are our family... we love them and it was so good to sit at the table and share pictures of our life. It was good to catch up and see new changes in the house and see how much DJ had grown... he's taller than me now!

  • We ate dinner at Chipoltle... two of the girls on the line asked where I had been... it's nice to be recognized and get good service and some comped food! We adore Chipoltle!

  • We drove home later than we intended... but as we crossed the state line... the rain lifted and we were able to enjoy driving in the dark, listening to good radio stations and reflecting on our day together... knowing we are closer to the people we love and care about and knowing how much we love each other.

  • That's the wrap on our trip back to Maryland.

I did have a little set-back this week... inspite of taking great care while walking like crazy, and taking a day to rest... my knee locked on Monday night... it was very painful. I am now back in my knee brace and using my cane after a whole winter with little issue!

Today... I am awaiting the delivery of a new range... it's a white glass top self-cleaning Frigidare! I am very excited... but also know that we will have to do a little remodel job or some rearranging to make it all liveable again. It's a gorgeous day... sunny, lite breeze but warm... yesterday was 60! This will be maybe 62! WoooHooo!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!~Suzanne


Jenny said...

We love Chipotle too! much easier to read in a bullet style.

Pearl said...

oh suzanne - i DID leave you a comment in that last post - how could i not? it was your first ever scandaloussssss post! :)

Suzanne said...

Pearl... I wrote another one... with some great big juicy details!
Thanks for your comments... always!