Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Fun Afternoon!

It is a rare thing that DH gets home from work early. He was due home by 11 but made it home by 12:30. So after a quick bite of lunch and a shower, we were out the door to a new adventure.

We headed West on I-80 and I drove... because poor DH always drives and never gets to really look at where we are going... and he had already driven 160 miles yesterday.

So off to Lewisburg, PA we went... We hadn't ever been there and I've heard great things about the antiques and downtown area... we weren't disappointed! It has a charming downtown area, it's home to Bucknell University and wonderful hospitality.

We drove through the university campus... beautiful, spacious and clean. We both said if we were young, this is the kind of college we would want to attend.

Then we drove through downtown... didn't end up stopping because I was on the phone and didn't know where to stop and kept on driving! (Next time I am stopping and strolling through downtown.) We ended up at Roller Mills Antiques... that was great fun to go through and there were some interesting things in there... but decided it was a little bit pricey!

We hit another antique mall that we past on our way into town... it was great and the prices were good and we will be going back there again. I can only imagine what it's like on the weekends in summer for Farmer's Market as well!

We did pick up a few things...
I have been looking for some glasses to use as juice glasses (they don't sell juice glasses anymore!) I discovered these little Fostoria glasses that will work perfectly! ($3.50 a glass!)

I love depression glass and I love sherbert glasses... I have a little pink one of these and wanted to move it with the rest of my pink depression glass and this will make a nice addition to my little shelf above my kitchen sink... again, perfect! (it was only $4!)

Lastly... we like oil lanterns but we don't have many. In this part of the country, it's a good idea to keep a few of these around... and this one is Not an Antique, but it is a good size. It was also on sale if we were writing a check... so it ended up being around $5.50.

Oh... I mentioned that I got my haircut 2 days ago... You may want to adjust the screen... or even look away! Here I am in all my glory last night after a full day of play! (I told you it was really short... and look at all the gray hair!!! Yikes!)

I told you it was bad!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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