Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nolli Update!

It's been a very tiring few days here at the cottage... After the race to the vets office on Friday, we were off to Wilkes-Barre to find a new raised feeding dish. I figured out that Nolli had slid his feeding dish off the mat and hit the corner of the small dresser piece that we use for a microwave stand. It has a very sharp corner on it. It's the only thing low enough to have caused that kind of injury. It's since been padded to protect him by DH.

We did find the perfect dish... at the very last stop on our fast trip... and it was on clearance! It has no square corners, his dishes fit inside... and he loves it!

On Friday night... after getting his drops in for the last time that day... he was still uncomfortable. He has a way of chortling and snortaling to communicate. He could not settle down to go to sleep. So... I took him first on to the sofa with me and gave him 1/2 a baby aspirin. He still wasn't happy there. So... we went out for a walk and then I brought him into the guest room. There, I held him, propped up on pillows and rocked him, blew on his face softly and rubbed his belly. He finally settled down to sleep around 2 am. Later, we moved back to our respective beds, but not before more hugs and kisses and head rubs to settle him down.
I was back up at 6:30 with a charlie horse in my leg... owwwww! That was a rough 45 minutes of walking up and down the hall to help stretch it out with DH helping me and working out the knot in my calf muscle. Once I could relax again... I zonked out for another 2 hours.
We have been working with Nolli together on the eye drops... it's tough on him, cuz he knows it's coming. But he's a trooper and always gets a reward for being so good. This morning... the swelling has gone down considerably, and the redness is still there, but in a smaller area. He slept all of last night and didn't stir out of his bed until 10 this morning. (I love it when he decides to sleep in!) DH walked him and we did eye drops before breakfast and now he's laying in the dark bedroom resting his eyes next to his Ruby toy. We are on the road to healing... Thank you for your continued prayers... those are truly Sweet Sunday Love to us!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

i'm so glad nolli's doing better. it must be so hard for you and your dear DH to watch him if he's in pain. *hugs*