Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Road Trip... Details!

Where do I begin? I suppose at the beginning~ We were up early to hit the road...we needed to be at our destination by 10 and it's was about 175 miles to go! We left about 15 minutes late... no big deal. Then I became ravenously hungry about 40 miles away. We stopped at the Golden Arches so we wouldn't lose any time. It worked and we were on our way.

We didn't really have any heavy traffic until we hit Hunt Valley... and we were in the thick of it when we got on to 695. We both remarked about the same time that we didn't miss the rat race feel of Baltimore. We got to our destination about 4 minutes late... and sat in the back. (We went down for a funeral for a dear friends mother.) No one really saw us as we came in... and when my friend got up to do her Eulogy for her mother... she did a little head bob, like she wasn't sure of what she was seeing... that we were sitting in the back of the chapel. When the service was over and we were waiting for the family to say good-bye, we were able to visit a few friends that we hadn't seen in a long time.

When my dear friend came out to the foyer... she immediately stopped and pointed and said, "You did see my head bobble... that I was trying to not lose my place??? I couldn't believe I was seeing you, that you came down to be here!" It was great to give her some support and let her know that I appreciated all that she had done for me when I needed support, so of course I was going to be there for her. We later went to the luncheon held at the church... it was so nice to visit with friends... and to see "foes" that were reacting to our presence as well. (Yes, I was highly amused! More on that later!)

In between the funeral and the luncheon... we were able to go over DH's work office and freshen up and he was able to pick up materials for his truck as well. We then went down to Trader Joes to do some shopping... and for me to pick up some Sparkling Lemonade! (Yummmm!) We got various kinds of things that we don't always find up here or at a much lower price than here. I feel like our larder is full and we have so much to be happy about! We were able to enjoy fabulous croissants for brunch and great french baguette with our dinner last night. Our dear neighbor Miss J took care of Nolli for us... and I took her a great little goodie-bag of sparkling lemonade, some shallots, organic green tea, and some blood oranges.

Well... I need to go and get DH's lunch done for tomorrow and put the rest of the laundry away. I cannot wait to share more with you.... my dear friend Nita called me tonite after I came back for Miss J's to tell me how good it was to see us! That is truly heart warming! Liz called me today as well... God is good and blessings are flowing!

Thanks for reading... (to be continued!) be blessed!


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