Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stove Update

Well... that was a fun thing to have happen in the middle of the afternoon. I had plans for all that time that (Literally) blew up in our faces! It took DH about 3 1/2 hours to clean all that mess up after he took the stove apart to see what was able to be used in the interim. Actually... the old "beauty" is in fair shape, after all... but they no longer make parts for it. The left front burner and wiring harness for it is gone... melted and fried! But the rest of the stove actually does work... but for how long????

DH is calling today to speak with the landlord about a replacement. I think we will have some painting and remodeling to do once a new one is installed. (Oh Joy!)

We ended up going out for fast-food last night. I was in such a mood after all the stove stuff, burning my thumb (yes, another burn!!) and also getting a huge splinter in my ring finger yesterday... that I didn't want to take a chance on going into a restaurant and either having crappy service, or bad or cold food... or all of those combined. (Everything I touched yesterday seemed to turn to crap!) And yes, even the fast-food seemed to be a rip-off! Don't bother ever getting the new "Taco*Hell" platters... they are a huge rip-off and they have changed the drink sizes for combo's as well. For the same amount of money... we could have gone to a chain restaurant and had the same kind of quality food for the same amount of money with refills on the drinks and the portions would have been bigger. (It also makes me miss my beloved "Chipolte" sooooo much! Even DH commented on it.)

Anyway... it's cold here today... it was 3 degrees when DH left for work... and it's now a high of 9! I do have to go out today... but it's only over to the flower shop for a visit. Nolli is sleeping in his bed... he doesn't feel like venturing out in the cold either. From the windows... it's very pretty with the snow on the ground and the blue skies... but the wind is blowing... making the wind chill pretty wicked today!

My dear friend and forever maid of honor called me this morning... the college has totally screwed up her financial aid and she won't get her disbursement until a week after Spring break... (what the heck? Financial Aid people never get it, do they?) So... it will take a miracle for them to come up for Spring break. I did order heating oil today... it's down to $1.87.9 a gallon! Wow! I like that price... I just wish I had more money so I could buy more.

Thanks for reading about my little life! Be blessed!


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