Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring and 1,2,3!

Happy Spring everyone... I went on a little road trip with my friend J today... (she's from the flower shop and my next door neighbor). We went in search of a wonderful greenhouse that sells flower baskets... it was too cold today for them to be open... but now I know where they are and I can go when I am ready! She also took me to a wonderful nursery that sells all kinds of great stuff and I can't wait to go back!

As far as 1,2,3... That would be DH. He has a little known knack for getting boo-boo's on the job. It's not that he's clumsy... he just works so fast... and things happen. When he gets owie's... he does it in 3's. This week, he smashed his thumb... REALLY BAD... and then he smacked his toe and split it open the other night.... and today was #3... and it made me cry when he told me and it made me cry when he came walking around the side of his truck tonight and all I could see was a huge band-aide and dried blood in his hair. (He waited to tell me until after I got home today so he wouldn't spoil my outing!)I can tolerate almost anyone getting hurt... but when it comes to my DH... it makes me physically hurt and want to throw up... and I cry. One of the plant employees had to cut his hair way to clean his wound caused by flying vice grips while he was on a ladder. (sigh.. oh my!)

So... lets end this on a happy note... here's Mr. Nolli... looking all cute and cuddly sweet. Awwww... I just love that dog! Miss J came in for a quick visit and he was just beside himself that she was here! Then he got a little miffed as we were visiting because I think he thought I was going to leave him again. (He is so smart!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

oh my goodness suzanne - i hope your dear DH is OKAY! and yes, i know the extra dear in front of DH is redundant, but from what i've read about him, i think he deserves that extra "dear!"

and i know what you mean about seeing your loved ones hurt... it breaks my heart, too. *hugs*