Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off His Game...

I get so worried... Poor Little Dog has not been feeling well this week. He's just not himself. He has moments where he shines through... but this week has had me worried. When I took the picture of him yesterday on the bed... I had to lift him up, he didn't want to jump. Although, I did take him on errands with me... he loves going to the post office!When he was still a young dog... around 14 months old, he contracted Lyme disease. It was very dramatic and frightening... as he was in so much pain. We first thought he had jumped off the bed wrong and we had hard wood floors over a cement slab. His x-rays came back negative. So, we thought it was a soft tissue injury that we would wrap and keep him quiet for a few days.

It was on the off-chance... I asked them to do his heartworm test so we could get him started on medicine. The test is a two-fold test... it also tests for Lyme, and he came up positive. I then remembered that I had found a tick on Nolli's head a couple of months earlier.

So... now, every once in awhile... he does get a flare-up. And it makes me so sad... I put him on a regiment of 1/2 a baby aspirin twice a day for about a week. Sometimes less... if he perks back up. He's a great pill taker... and he understands that baby aspirin will make him feel better.Last night he was so adorable... DH was sitting here at the desk working, I was sitting on the sofa near by and Nolli came up on the sofa next to me and snuggled in while we talked and watched the news. He is so sweet... and I can't help but fall more crazy-in-love with this dog everyday! It's also wonderful to see the bond that has developed with DH and Nolli... for someone who really doesn't like dogs... he's nutso for this one now! (Nolli does have a good appetite, he had his dinner with 1/2 cup of cooked broccoli florets, and a nice piece of my steak and some baked potatoe with my special dressing last night... He's Not Spoiled!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

awww suzanne - i'm sorry to hear about your dear nolli. i hope he's feeling better!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Nolli's a dolly! Just saw your name over at PW's site while she's having this live chat. Loved the name of your blog. Nolli looks like he has border collie in him. We are border collie freaks and think they are the best dogs in the world. SOOO sweet!

Anyway, so sorry about your knees and all your pain but glad you persevere. I have a few issues myself but I AM an old lady! lol

Blessings to you and hope Nolli feels better soon! :)