Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy Heck!

Why do backaches make me so cranky? I am so not a nice person this morning... everything is getting on my very last nerve! I think I shall go back to bed... try and get warm, and maybe sleep in hopes of waking up to being more myself! Check back with y'all later! Let's hope I'm still married at that point... Ham, the hovering husband is truly a saint!
**** Okay... I'm back! My back is still a little tweaked, but I am upright and a little more sane than I was this morning. Lots of Tylenol and heat on the back have helped. I'm not sure what is going on with my back these days... but I think it's just plain old arthritis that is getting me. I've known that I have it in my spine for many years.. and sometimes if I over do it... it just takes revenge on me! My wonderful DH, Ham, is very patient with me and he was able to help me with some massage for pain management. I am glad that he hovers... even when I protest! So, on that note... I am blessed with a great husband... Ah... Sweet Sunday Love!


Pearl said...

awwww suzanne i hope you feel better, dear! do you have a facebook?

Suzanne said...

Yes, I do have facebook.