Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Various Things....

It's been an interesting day today. I had forgotten about my prescription issue with my pharmacy until I grabbed one of my bottles this morning and counted out how many pills I had left. 4 in one and 4 from an emergency refill as a courtesy when I last went in. Yikes!

So, I called the pharmacy... and Mindy told me that in fact, they had procured a new script for me and it had been filled on the 18th! (I wonder why they never called me???) So... I went over and picked it up... and it's for the wrong dosage. Oh well... some is better than none! I did contact our new health insurance provider and get the info on how to find a new doctor in this area... the CSR was quite helpful in giving me info on how to look things up.... and now I have a new patient appointment with an endocrinologist up in Berwick... only 12 miles away!

While I was at the pharmacy... there is a walk-in hair place within the strip mall. I went there once to get my hair frosted... and it turned out orange. (The other place I went to... it turned out very brassy with orange high-lights. I cannot find anyone around here that seems to understand how to process my hair so I get a summer blond look.) Needless to say... my hair was quite long, had lots of over processed streaks of orange and brass mixed with a lot of silver and white! So... I took the plunge and went in... I got one of the girls that was there when I went the first time and she was going a make-over on a hispanic girl and I think she ruined her. I decided to just go for the cut... because I can explain how I want it cut. She did a half way ok job... she cut the back way too short and didn't quite get the spikey affect I was going for on the back or the top. The sides aren't great... but I can live with it and will be cutting on it in a few days. I will decide if I am going to try and get it frosted again or live with salt and pepper. (hmmmmm???)

Anyway... tomorrow our fuel delivery comes... I will have to try and go to bed early tonight, because the driver likes to catch me in my jammies. (He always comes really early and we have forgotten to unlock the door or he wants to give me a calendar or hand me my receipt... and he always seems to oogle me... and I hate that!!!! So my plan is to be dressed and ready for when he delivers!

I also got an email today... one that was unexpected! My forever-maid-of-honor called me last night and told me she made my mac and cheese recipe... and she used every pot she had and wanted to know how to get the cheese off the pots! (soaking and lots of soap!) Her one true love sent me the sweetest email: I Loved the Mac and Cheese very tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a foodie and works for one of the Big Box retail chains that carry only bedding, bathroom and kitchen stuff. Liz is trying to brush up on her cooking skills and likes to get new ideas... (don't we all???) she really wanted to try my mac and cheese for Gary. I guess I forgot to mention that I start it all in a really big 12 inch nonstick skillet.... so that I don't make such a big mess. It's something that takes practice and like I said in my last post... I always seem to leave a step out or forget that not everyone thinks like me!

I do have a new follower... her name is Jenny... and she's from the Pacific Northwest! Hi to you! Glad that you like my blog! Here's the link to where she's at:
Go and check her out!

I'm off to reheat leftovers from last night... Yummm! It was so good and I don't mind having it again. I think we will even have some to freeze for another night. (Insert contented sigh here)

DH is home from work and has showered... now it's time to feed him! =)

Thanks for reading... be blessed. (I may try and get a decent picture (of my hair cut) added to this later!



Jenny said...

The difference between a bad haircut and a good one? Two weeks. Good luck getting color. Tried it once. Sticking to the salt and pepper its more distinguished anyway, right? BTW thanks for the link and the nice words.

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Suzanne. I admit I often am getting dressed right before hubby walks in the door at night. I feel so bad for it too! Thanks for visiting and have a great day! Hope the fuel man didn't catch you in your jammies again! lol!