Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's My Day...

It's my errands day... I went grocery shopping... got some pictures printed... went to the flower shop, hauled groceries upstairs. I got it all put away.... and then immediately sat down and put all the pictures I printed into a photo album. We are heading down to Maryland on Saturday and I have been instructed to bring photos of our home and how I have decorated it for my friends Mary and Nita. So... I took a few shots last night. And I thought I would be able to print what I had on My*Space... but, ya know what? When you print those off... they don't give you the option to pick what size you want, and it comes out full sized. NOOOOOOOO!

Tonight and tomorrow I need to get the rest of the house put in order... get the bathroom cleaned and get everything put away. My next door neighbor is going to let the dog out for me on Saturday... and in the event that Nolli is asleep and she has to come looking for him, I would like the house to be clean. (Yes... that is very telling of myself!)

I am also in need of a trip up to Lowes to get a copy of my key. While I am up there, I may as well go ahead and buy a few seeds for the garden we are planning to put in this spring. Thank Goodness dinner is a reheat of last night's meatloaf and potatoes. I think I will make a salad to go with it and then I will be done with dinner. Just a few dishes to do! YES!

DH is working overtime again today.... bless that man and how hard he works. (Bless the client that has authorized the OT!) Keep me in your prayers as well... still nothing on the job front!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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