Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Sleepy Day...

For some strange reason... we both went to sleep last night, but woke up feeling like we never went to sleep. I so hate that feeling. I am beginning to think it's because we turned the mattress a few weeks ago. (It's responsible mattress ownership to turn your mattresses at least every 3 months... so I've been told. And to turn the box spring every 6 months.) I cannot do it by myself... and for a few years, was lucky to get it rotated every few months. (no... not like that!)

Maybe... just maybe... we spend too much time in our bed. We like nothing more, than after dinner and all the email and paperwork are done, dishes washed and lunches packed, to get comfy and cozy in bed to watch tv. During the winter months... it's easier to stay warm under the covers... and the dog even gets up there to stay warm. There is even a correct pillow ratio for tv watching... 3 for the back, neck and head... 1 for the knees, and one for the tummy or one for the side, to help prop you up. Yep... that's a lot of pillows. It makes it interesting when you go to make the bed in the morning.

And for that matter... the good tv is in the bedroom anyway! Along with the cable box! And the DVR player. If we ever have company... DH will have to change it all to the living room, so we can all watch tv on the flat screen, with the cable box or watch a movie on the DVR. That's not to say that we don't watch tv in the living room... because we do. But I know that come summer, when it's warm... we will watch tv in the bedroom too... cuz that's where the air conditioner will be!

I know for sure, that if and when we ever move... we will have to get 2 new soft, comfy sofas for our den so we can watch tv in there... all stretched out in comfort! That's the way life goes, round these parts! (And you all know how cold I can get... and the best way for me to warm up is to turn on my electric mattress cover and climb into a warm cocoon. It works really well.)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Pearl said...

aww suzanne - whatever works for YOU and hubby, dear!