Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oops... I forgot!

I forgot to "Spring Forward" for the first time in my life! We missed church today... and I am moving very slowly. My back is out and I cannot seem to get myself past it today.

My DH has been down in the garage working on a dresser... prepping it to paint it. We went and purchased one new drawer glide and new knobs for it. He's been scrapping all the old varnish off and filling all the holes and nicks and dings... I am sure it will be wonderful when he is done. It was too yucky to take a before picture... but we will take an after picture.

Nolli-dog went with us yesterday when we went to the hardware store... altho I did make him wait out in the car. We stopped at the Golden Arches on the way home... and silly-dog got his usual chicken nuggets. (Since when did they take chicken nuggets off the dollar menu and price them at $2.69? Gahhhh! It's getting expensive to feed the dog too!)

Today... I hope to get salad dressing made, mayonnaise made, and maybe a macaroni salad too. I also have to either make egg salad or deviled eggs as well. I was going to bake today... I want some pepperoni rolls, but that can wait until tomorrow. Dinner is going to be simple... leftover french onion soup and cheeseburgers. It's a low key weekend around here.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

hi suzanne! i have totally missed reading your posts and hearing about the sweet things that your precious husband does for you (and the priceless things you do for him, also).

i hope the dresser is coming along well! my mom made over a coffee table once, lacquered it, and now can fit in with our furniture!

are you making macaroni salad/egg salad for an outing?

Suzanne said...

Hi Pearl! I've missed you too! I'm doing the macaroni salad for Hubs to take in his lunch for something a little different. And we both love hard boiled eggs in salads... and I have a few that need to get used, and he loves egg salad sandwiches for snacks. I like having things on hand for a quick snack if he needs it (or me!) and having things that are homemade are much healthier and he loves that!