Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Road Trip Details...

Ok... where did I leave off? Or rather what did I leave out or skip over? Let's go back to the Friend or Foe comment... I did see lots of friends... and a couple of former friends that are now foes... (pretty weird, huh?)

When we were at the funeral... and we were sitting in the back, I was able to scan across the gathering to see who was there. I noticed several people whom I knew to the right side. And lots of people on the left as well... and some one got up to leave for a few minutes, and opened a hole in my sight line to my ex-roommate! And she was not sitting all snug and cozy to her boyfriend named Shea! She was sitting all snug and cozy to someone else! (What the heck???) When I moved out, she was all set on marrying Shea once her daughter graduated high school and left for college... she was all set to marry him and his mansion and swimming pool in Virginia and never have to work again. (Guess not anymore!)

When she and her boyfriend came out of the chapel... she stood at one end of the foyer and just glared at me... she was as uptight and rigid as a 45 year old cat-gut banjo string set in the sun! She stood there and whispered... and realizing that I was not going anywhere, eventually left!

Later on, after we did our couple of errands and went back to the church... she and her boyfriend had pulled into the parking lot in his Silverado pick up... so we just sat in the car and talked until they made their way into the church... then we got out and made our way in. We greeted people we knew and chatted... Lauren, my roommate, had found seats at a table in the far opposite corner from the door, with her back to us.

Blessings and prayers were said for the food, and the family began to make their way to the buffet table. We were visiting with friends from church that hadn't known or realized that we had gotten married and moved. One friend said she thought she just kept missing me because there had been a 3rd service added and I had come to first service while she attended 3rd. So... there we are, chatting away about life and marriage, and from behind us comes the rudest, nasty voice... of Lauren, "Are you guys in line for food?" With a quick glance up, I laughingly and cheerily said.... "No, we are visiting and talking with friends." And with that, she haughtily sashayed past us and got in line. My friend Kathy came up with her peeps to get in line... and came behind us... I told her to please go ahead of us, and she refused! We had to get in line right behind the rigid, frigid witch for the buffet. Oh... horrors!

While at the reception... I took notice of a few things... Miss Lorrie J was there from bible study. When we were in study, Lauren always referred to Miss Lorrie J as "Mommy" and I always assumed they were close. In later findings... they really weren't close at all... that Lauren really was giving Lorrie J that tag as way of coping with issues with her own real life mother. During this reception, she never interacted with Lorrie J at all and ignored her. Which leads me to my next little nugget.... The Evil Text queen was also there. I knew she probably would be, as she was quite close to my dear friend Miss Char. She was also friends with Lauren.... or so I thought. Lauren also ignored her as well.... and the entire time, we (DH and I) observed that she (Evil Text Queen)did not interact with anyone there. She didn't really speak to anyone. I didn't even try to make eye contact, because I knew that if I did... I'd probably start to giggle and I figured that would be even ruder than if I just didn't acknowledge her... after all... this is the person that sent me text messages in the middle of the night begging me to come to my wedding... even on the night before! (She's not real stable...) She just felt adrift and alone during the entire luncheon.

As for Lauren... I told John... that's boyfriend #6 since I've known her! His answer was... or 7... or 8... or 9! (eeewwww! that's alot of DNA to spread around) The reason I tell you this is... as I was preparing to move after getting married... (we did it quickly because of John's transfer) she left me several nasty notes... Like she was angry and upset about the impression I left on her 16 year old daughter because of my many boyfriends! Now... just saying.... I had 1 boyfriend the entire time I lived there... and I married him. She had a total of 5 boyfriends and slept with 4 of them.... and now has moved on from the last one. To that, we say... Yay for Shay! He dodged a bullet and didn't know it! (That has become our new catch phrase around here!)

I do have some other wonderful stories to share... and they don't really involve rude behavior or cattiness! Yes... I'm being real about it... you don't live with someone for a year and see what they are really about and get treated rudely without some fall out! Just sayin! (Yay for Shay!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

oh suzanne your post made me laugh. isn't it crazy to see how people have changed and how many false stories have been told?