Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Bits...

Last night I got an email from my oldest sister... she wanted to know if I had used her as a reference for something. I haven't really done anything except for apply for jobs... but I don't remember if I put her down for part of a background check. Hmmmmm....

So... I picked up the phone and called her. She said she listened to the message 3 times but couldn't really make it out and whomever was calling spoke in a monotone voice and rattled off a phone number so fast that she couldn't get it all. I told her not to worry about it. If I am suppose to go to work, it will work out.

We then spent the next hour (or so) chatting about all sorts of stuff... my blog, my pictures of her hats on my blog... cooking, recipes, books, Le Cruset, french onion soup... my marriage and how great my husband is.... all sorts of stuff. I'd still be on the phone with her if I hadn't had to make my DH's lunch last night! And that was because I had walked into the kitchen to discover that he had made a pitcher of iced tea and I didn't even hear him! (He always has iced tea in his lunch.)

I also called my other sister last night. She is going for knee surgery (I thought today) on Thursday. It's just a "clean up" deal... she has a torn meniscus and her knee locks when she sleeps... OWWW. I asked her if she was having the same surgeon that I had 9 years ago... she said she's going with a newer guy. I told her that going into Birkenstocks has really helped my knee pain that I don't have the constant pain like I used to! Our phone call wasn't nearly as long as it was with my other sister... but it was nice to talk to her anyway!

I also called my brother on Friday... to let him know that I had sent Taylor, his daughter, a package. He said that she had received it that day. She got on the phone to say Thank you and tell me how excited she was... very fun and sweet! I told my brother that he needed to call me... and he reminded me that he had to get a new phone because he dropped his in a mud puddle and lost his whole contact list. Oooops! So, I told him that he NOW has my number and to call me once in awhile... it doesn't cost anything!

I've caught up with my immediate siblings... and haven't heard from the other 2.... hmmm? I don't know if they read my blog or not... no one has ever said. April... Adonna... ? Do you read this????? lol

I did sleep last night... I made sure to go through some of my sleep rituals to help me get in the mind-set... and DH was sweet and turned his back to me and we snuggled right up... he was so warm... and I was so comfortable, that I went right out! I had lots of silly dreams last night but was able to fall back asleep each time I woke up. I feel rested, but have other issues going on... like my tummy is upset today. I did eat a little, but I just broke out the 7-up, so we shall see how it goes. I'm also very cold... it must be the dampness from the rain... and I need to get under the covers to stay warm. So... I'm off to bed to get warm!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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