Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Pictures...

We had such a nice day, that day... the weather was warm (8o degrees with mild humidity and then outrageous thunderstorms later.) The wedding was at 2:30. Liz and I got up and got busy with errands and took a couple of trips over to Dale and Gwen's house (our host and hostess).

When we finally had ourselves basically ready, with 1 more trip to Safeway to pick up the cute pink cup cakes... Liz pulled out on to the road from my housing development and headed west. She wasn't paying attention to her speed... and she went "speeding" right into the radar trap that is always set up on Sunday mornings. (oops!) The officer flagged her over... and she stopped... pulled out her license and insurance... and proceeded to cry her way out of a ticket!

I just sat there... looking cool as a cucumber in my little head piece, holding both of our bouquets, dressed in jeans and a white tee-shirt. She told him and I quote..."We're on our way to her weddin' and we're late and she's not even dressed yet! Look at her! And look... see... our dresses are in the back seat!" She was really wailing! The officer leaned into the car and looked at me, looked at the dresses and all of our stuff... and asked where the wedding was... I answered, "It's over the bridge" and he asked, "What time does it start?" And Liz answered, "12:30!" (It was then just 12:18! hahahaha!) So... he said..."Please, just slow down, and have a nice wedding." I said thank you... and off we went. (She was doing 48 in a 35 mph zone.)

On to more pictures~

The kiss!

Being presented as Mr. and Mrs.! What is up with my face?

John is on the phone with his Dad!

Dale... our Host... wore his redneck wedding shirt!

Some of our friends having lunch and visiting...

Enjoying some of my favorite Sparkling Pink Lemonade!

This is John's brother... we both couldn't believe that 1.) he actually came and 2.) he wore this!

John and his best man, Tom. (Also known around these parts as a$$hat.)

Hugs from friends...

Let's blow this pop stand and get outta here!

We were given a little honeymoon gift to a Marriott property... who said we needed to have a certain document before checking in... (which our friend Christy had given them already!) and because of their oversight we were upgraded to a concierge suite on the 10th floor... which was fabulous!

The next day... we were heading off to Annapolis to spend the day and stopped at home to drop off my bags... and discovered just what a jealous witch my roommate had become. (Let's just say that she made the first 18 days of my married life a living hell... it became her job to harass me as we prepared to move to PA. John left the next day to be up here and only come home on the weekends. My roommate actually taped a 30 day eviction notice on my door! How's that for being happy for me??!)

~Did I tell you also that I had to find a new dress the day before... because mine had a mysterious stain down the front of the bodice?

~That's the basic story of our little wedding... it was originally planned for mid-August or September. We had hoped that I would have been able to work those extra 2 or 3 months and save more money to do what we wanted... but this turned out just fine. My friend Char couldn't believe that we did all of that work and coordination in just 3 weeks. It helps if you know where to go to get the stuff you need and have a great hostess like Gwen to help put it all together!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

LOL how smart of liz!
hmm why is tom now known as ass$hat?

Suzanne said...

Hey Pearl! Tom is now known as Asshat as he has become John's supervisor and he micromanages him to death! They used to be friends until Tom got promoted... and the promotion went straight to his head... and everything he does, is done solely for the purpose of making himself look good at John's expense. He makes the rules now... and it's always in his own favor, inspite of company practices. It has been one of our biggest prayer concerns this past 6 months.