Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holy Cow! That was Cool!

So.... I'm sitting here, going through my reader... reading some of my favorite blogs. (I have a lot of blogs that I like to read that aren't in my fav's as well... yes, I lurk!) DH has left for work, and I've heard him come back to do something quick in the garage. He leaves... I'm still reading. Then... my house phone rings. (It rarely ever rings... everyone calls me on my cell.)

I have an appointment to see a new endocrinologist in April. Caller ID says it's Berwick Hospital. I am almost scared to answer. It's the new doctor's office calling... they have a cancellation for today, if I'd like it. I ask what time the appointment is for... it's for 9:00am. It's almost 7:30 now. I think I will decline... I am not sure where I am going yet.

The nurse on the other end understands my apprehension... and tells me exactly how to get there. I cannot believe that this is happening to me! I never, ever get service like this! (I will say that when I went through my last cancer ordeal, my Endo and my ENT were wonderful. So was the intake nurse at the hospital, the surgical prep nurse from my first procedure, who saw me there for my second procedure and came in on her own time to see me while I waited for surgery. And the guy in nuclear medicine... who loved to tease me about my hoarseness and having no voice at all... and could still get me to laugh through all the scans.)

Anyway... I told her that I would pass on this today. I don't think I could still get ready in time, and that I needed to get back on my other meds so they wouldn't stroke out at how high my HBP really is. (Yes, I just said that out loud.) She understood... she wanted to know if I had a primary care doctor yet... I told her, no... haven't found one yet. I did tell her that I have samples that I recently unpacked and that I would start taking those when it got closer to my appointment, so they wouldn't pass out when they did my vitals. She laughed with me... she did not judge me. I told her that I may have to write about her... she was a breath of fresh air to me today! She told me her name was Bertha, if I was gonna write about her! I can't wait to meet her when I go to the office in April!

Just so you know.... this has been a crazy mixed up year for insurance and pharmacy issues. I normally do take my meds... when I have them and can afford them. I like to feel normal and healthy... and not have to deal with other issues... I'd rather just have to deal with the usual side effects, like ... well... you don't really need to know! (I'll spare you!)
Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

aww suzanne i had no clue you went through such an ordeal; i'm so incredibly.. humbled but how sweet and uplifting you are, even after such a personal experience.

bertha sounds wonderful :) you really should send a link of your blog over on to her!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pearl, since I know you....Suz is truly a terrific gal, I love her dearly...Your life would only be blessed if you were to ever meet her...E

JO said...

Miss Suzanne,
You need to take care of yourself!
I hope all your appointments go smoothly. I know what yo mean about insurance and drs and things getting so easily messed up.
Unfortunately it is the pot calling the kettle black - I need to take care of some things myself and your blog was a reminder to get my act in gear.