Monday, March 23, 2009

Was It Something I Said?

I noticed that my following has dropped? I guess I'm not a.) interesting b.)funny or c.) doing a giveaway. I am a.)real b.)honest and c.)snarky (sometimes). That's me... honest, real and not afraid to admit when I am being witchy, cranky or a snot! I am down-to-earth and very casual, don't worry about too much fall-out in most things. If you want to not follow any longer... it's okay... it's really ok, cuz I know that I am never going to be a "pioneer woman" or a "domestic diva" or anyone else...this isn't a Mom-blog... I'm just gonna be me!

Ok... on with the post! I have a friend in Maryland, who has an 8 year old daughter. She had her tonsils out this morning. She's already home! This brought back memories of my own tonsillectomy. My... how times have changed! I remember being around 4 years old. I don't think my Mom really prepared me for the procedure. I was scared crazy. And I remember being in one of those big stainless steel metal cage beds. (It was really an oversized crib!) I think I was in the hospital for 2 or 3 days.

One of my most favorite treats as a kid was Welch's grape juice... loved that stuff! (I still like it now, but it's so full of sugar, I get heartburn from it.) My Mom brought me a regular sized bottle of the stuff to have during my stay. I asked for a glass of juice... but that's not what I got. I think it was orange juice and not my beloved grape juice. It was supposed to be in the fridge at the nurses station... and I think someone on the night shift drank it all! (I'm not knocking nurses, nor nurses who work nights.) I just never got any of that juice!

Anyway... my recollection of that adventure is that it was not a great time had by yours truly. And when I came home, my Mom had an event at church... probably a bridal shower for my cousin or my oldest sister. That left me at home with my Dad. I was hungry when I woke up. So... him being my Dad, gave me a bowl of cereal... shredded wheat to be exact. He couldn't understand why I couldn't get it down. My Mom was furious with him... and I was upset that I made her furious at him... she was certain I was going to have issues with my stitches and brought me a Popsicle to suck on... while she went and made me a milk shake with tiger milk added.

I do remember having lots of ice cream... and lots of soft scrambled eggs with cheddar and cottage cheese and peaches. My Mom... she was a good nurse!

Thanks for reading my little walk down memory lane! Be blessed!


Oh!... I will more than likely do a give-away when I reach 200 posts. Sorry, but 100 came and went before I knew it! Stay tuned... I'm still deciding on what I want to do for a give-away! ;)

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Pearl said...

ooh suzanne - how cute that you have such vivid memories of your tonsillectomy :).

haha so cute... i think boys are so clueless that it's almost cute; shredded wheats? i would've cried LOL.

is there something wrong with your blog? i always try to comment whenever you post something new, so i'm not sure if others have stopped commenting or if you're not receiving my comments - but don't worry about it; if anything, i feel that you've gotten more comfortable with blogging and have shown more of yourself lately; love it :) so much sass!