Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ummmm... It's Wednesday.

I am still stressed to the max. Worker's Comp is starting to yank our chain. I went on a job interview today... I really hope I get this job... because it's a job that I can do well... and leave at the office. I won't know about it until early next week. Please send up good vibes and silent prayers that I will be the one they want.

I was good and went to Good Will today and donated several bags of clothes, shoes and handbags. They didn't even bother to give me a donation slip for taxes... don't they do that anymore? My house is fairly clean... I think I will dust again today. (See? ... my mind is cluttered with stuff, I can't even write a decent post!) .... breathe... remember to.... breathe.... breathe... nice and slow.

Thanks for reading this drivel today! Be blessed.

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April said...

I thought about you today, specifically this morning, saying a little prayer that your interview would go well. I'll keep you in my prayers that they see what a good fit you would be in their organization. I'll keep John in my prayers, too, that all goes well next week and that his shoulder heals quickly... and the two of you can then get back on track with your lives. Bless you both. Love, Your Sis