Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quiet Sunday... we hope!

Sunday mornings around here can be pretty quiet. This one is no different. We have been enjoying good coffee and the morning newspaper and a simple breakfast of cheese omelette's, toast and juice. As I look around the house, there are a few chores that need to be done, dusting being one of them. (I dislike dusting... I sneeze all the way through it!) Once the house is in order... I think that we will just be outside on the patio for a good portion of the day... at least until it gets too hot to be outside.

This morning during breakfast, we discussed some of the projects we would like to do on this house in the coming year. (Note... that means not in the near future... but after things return to normal... maybe starting things in the spring.) We are thinking of painting the dining room... and we are thinking of recovering the dining room chair seats. We will decide at that time, if we are taking down the false ceiling in the living room or just painting the panels of the false ceiling. If  we take down the false ceiling... we will have to trim out the top of all the paneling in that room. (I hate paneling... but can't remove it, because what's underneath is worse!) We also have fabric to make cornices for the living room. But we are not ready to start that project until later on in the fall.

We are striving for a peaceful and fairly relaxed day... tacos are on the menu for tonight. (A nice and filling dinner!) Last night we had a great dinner outside... bbq'd chicken done with a dry rub, deep fried zucchini and jalapeno poppers for DH. We ate rather late, but it was nice and cool outside. We could hear the band playing up at the municipal building for Valley Days. We loved hearing the crowd sing along to some of the songs... it both gave us quite a chuckle. Later, there were fireworks lit off... we stayed home because of the crowd... there's only one way in and one way out... so we weren't up for crowds and my knee's have been hurting so I wasn't up for a hike either. There was a lot of foot traffic from families going up with their kids and lots of teenagers as well. Life in a small town in the summer! So... I'm off to get my chores done... and then go outside and sit with the DH and the dogs amidst the flowers.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see you're back up and re-designed! I like it! Would say more, but Henry has just come back from doing his physical therapy at the gym pool (has to keep doing it because of his back surgery three years ago -- water exercise is the best for him) and we've got some errands to run. Talk to you later. Love, Sissy